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Monday, February 20, 2012
Join #NikonMotionHero contest and upload your motion shots to win Nikon Cameras & Lens today!

Join #NikonMotionHero contest and upload your motion shots to win Nikon Cameras & Lens today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New found love, my TUMBLR! ♥



Thursday, March 31, 2011
So I'm floating, I'm floating on air

It's going on like a 'dear diary' entry.

I have fallen really sick and staying at home all day annoys me. Revision classes are on the roll and I am afraid I may have to skip one tomorrow - the fact that I'm having a 3 days MC. I've better get myself well and up in class tomorrow. Missing any revision class is the last thing I wished to happen.

Glee, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother paused, for I haven't had enough time to follow. Studying really hard for the coming examination.

What I need now is a perk!

FOOD is the best remedy. All I need is a PARTY, food-party, to give me the perk! :)

Signing off

Monday, March 14, 2011


"Today I don't feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my bed

don't feel like picking up my phone

So leave a message at the tone

Cos today I swear I'm not doing anything......"

Bruno Mars is my new favourite. Most of his songs explains my thoughts.

Lazy feelings overrides. Terrible. Studying is causing me to feel hungry every one or two hours. 40kg increased to 43kg, depressed. Yet, I need FOOD to move on. Having more than 5 meals a day is going cause me additional of few kilos until May.

Recently, a natural disaster wiped out part of Japan. Feel sorry for those who suffered directly/indirectly. Just over a night, estimation of 10,000 lost their lives. At a moment, I really should cherish my life for I am very lucky, compared to the victims.

signing off

Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Jared's 21st!

HAPPY 21st DUMBO! :) 

Every time when I'm with them, I forget all sorrows/unhappiness, no bad mood. It's just so amazing. I feel happy being with both dears. Claudia and I planned a advanced birthday celebration for Jared few days back.
Best Friend :)
Appetizer: Pumpkin soup. The bread compliments with the Olive oil.

Beef (delicious)
Sambal Prawn
Fish (Love this!)
Surprise!! Thanks to the live band for lifting the atmosphere, and much thanks to the staffs at Chef Daniel's for the cooperation with Claudia and I. 
Hope you love this! :)
Family photo! haha

signing off

Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Our Special Valentine's Day

How long is 3 years to take to realize that my boyfriend is sooooooo scheming!?! O'well, he gave me a surprise valentine's day celebration - a surprise I teared.

It goes like this:
We planned a month before valentine's day that we'll date on the 12th February, due to busy schedule both of us have. However, I tried to check if he remembers and so I asked him about it. He replies with ignorance, adding on about him already made the arrangement with his colleagues for a cny visiting at his manager's place. Disappointed, but accepting the fact that he may have really forgotten and since he promised to make it up to me on the 13th, I followed him out on the 12th. 

Well, he told me he needs to return to his office to drop some of his files before heading to his manager's house, and so I tagged along. When we were about to head to the MRT station and he brought me to the building, insisting there's an entry to the station there. 

It took me then to realize, HE DIDN'T FORGET 'BOUT OUR DATE!  It was THAT MOMENT!!

Here's our CNY-VDAY 2011 Special Meal: 
 Lou-Hei - Very delicious, the big portion of salmon, and what's very special is the dried crispy fish skin! My boyfriend, who does not eat sashimi, LOVES this particular dish! :)
 Char Siew Bao - the barbequed pork filling in the bun is yummy!
 I've forgotten what this dish is called, it's some mushroom vege dumpling
 Mushroom with sesame oil
 Shredded Chicken (spicy) 
 Pan-fried onion bun! 
Wanton Noodle - try the soup base, you'll fall in love with it
Nian Gao - we were too full then to finish this dish

Signing off

Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Happy Rabbit Year

Activities lined up the whole of January and February, not much of free time available.In a blink of an eye, preliminary examination dates are already posted on the student portal; stressing me up. 

Been travelling to several secondary and primary schools to facilitate I&E course. Kids ain't easy to handle. However, it has been a good exposure for me! :) 

Well, I've attended two loves' 21st birthday parties, as well as Fu Kang's advanced surprise birthday celebration. 

 NIKI's 21st Pyjamas Party:

SHIR's 21st Safari Party:

My Love 1B02 clique. *many are missing in this picture. miss them all

Fukang's Surprise birthday celebration @ Chef Daniel's:

And definitely, my favourite festival of the year; Lunar New Year! This year is especially special, with my dearest boyfriend going for home visiting together with me! Also, this year is my 2nd year spending Chinese New Year's eve at his place after my reunion dinner at home. AWESOME! 

one of the two big plates of Yu Sheng; topped with 2 cans of top grade Abalone. Tonic! lol

 My favourite guy! Love him! Thank you for being with me all these while! :)

Signing off